09.02.2021 / 17:52

What is the role of a DevOps Engineer in a software development project?

Dispelling doubts regarding the value DevOps Engineers bring to the software development process of your product.

30.07.2020 / 15:06

How wearables can influence mobile app development in the nearest future?

Wearables’ effectiveness and performance largely depend on usual mobile applications. What you should know to stay competitive on the market?

08.05.2020 / 14:02

M-Commerce checkout: delivering a seamless experience for mobile shoppers

Quality checkout process is the critical factor in providing great M-Commerce experience. What do you need to consider to make checkout seamless?

19.03.2020 / 16:43

Basics of SOLID principles for business owners: why it is important for your software project

Today SOLID approach is widely used by the development teams worldwide (including Exposit) providing customers with quality. What is the benefit?

06.02.2020 / 16:09

Cross-platform development: 4 reasons to create a mobile app using Flutter

Flutter became a strong competitor to React Native and Xamarin in cross-platform mobile development. What are the main reasons to choose Flutter?

19.09.2019 / 11:55

Top 3 E-commerce projects made by Exposit

We deliver Web & Mobile projects providing personalized shopping experience. Talking about 3 best E-commerce projects made by Exposit.

04.07.2019 / 17:45

PWA vs Native apps: review of key factors and differences

There is no winner among Native apps, Hybrid apps and Progressive Web Apps as there are right cases for all. What factors and differences you need to consider?

27.06.2019 / 18:10

The secret life of our Mobile Developers

We have caught three of Exposit mobile developers and asked them to tell about their path to mobile development.

29.05.2019 / 16:19

3 impressive Exposit projects built for Sports & Healthcare industry

Since 2012 we have completed a number of Sports & Healthcare projects considering specifics of the industry. Now we are ready to share projects we are proud of.

09.04.2019 / 18:38

When do you need migration of mobile applications to other platforms?

Mobile development allows you to choose around Android, iOS or Hybrid apps. But there are cases when the platform should be changed or supplemented.

27.12.2018 / 17:26

Mobile App Development: The Cost Factor

Cost of a mobile app depends on its platform, functionality and developers. How to find out what is the objective price point of mobile app development?

21.11.2018 / 18:59

Questions to ask when hiring a software development company for a mobile project

The main points to consider before hiring an engineer (software development company) for a mobile project.

02.11.2018 / 18:08

Switching to iOS from Android is easy

If you want to switch from Android to iOS or vice versa, learn security, data storage, synchronization and other capabilities of the platforms.

19.10.2018 / 15:07

Useful Tips for e-Commerce App Development

People use their mobiles for browsing, but they still buy on desktop. Launching an e-Commerce app is one of the most profitable opportunities for trading.

16.10.2018 / 19:15

I want to launch a mobile app. Where do I start?

How to launch, relaunch or just update a mobile app successfully? Notice your business goals and target audience, UVP and the development side.

27.09.2018 / 13:06

What's the difference between Hybrid and Native apps?

What factors most influence the option for app development you choose? ex. target audience, user experience, performance, etc.

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